April 10th, 2002


o/~ Why did you have to go insane

You know, I ask myself that EVERY DAY! (kidding, kidding)

Anyway, today is going to be so hard. ;.; I got a math test at 9 and my cable group is presenting today as well (which will be at 3). I'll be home after that, but I might be a tad exhausted. @_@

I went to bed at a decent enough hour and got some really kick ass sleep. Here's the kicker though. I've decided to write a fanfic again. I haven't started a fanfic in, well, a while. ._. This is probably amiboshi's fault! In fact, I know it is. Grump. Not that any of you will want to read it. You won't even read the original source! ;o;
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Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing... but that test just felt far too easy. o.o; I wasn't stumped on anything and I finished it 10 minutes before class was over, so I had plenty of time to look over and check for mistakes (only spotted one).

That's just weird, I don't get it. It's supposed to be hard!

And my teacher was acting really weird today. There were a couple students that she practically threw out of the class. She made us all stand up and rearranged the desks making sure there was a lot of space between them. She made us get out an extra piece of paper and cover our answers as we did them. And she got up from her chair and stalked around the room correcting people who weren't covering their work well enough. o.o; I wonder what happened to make her do that.
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Time to book

Gotta walk back over to Pummel now. Got English 110: Writing I to take. I'll see you guys later!!

Oh, and I got a page done on my fanfic already. @_@ It should be interesting. Have yet to decide on a name though.
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Holy sh*t.

While rewatching my X video to Chop Suey I just realized something. It is so FUCKING APPROPRIATE thanks to the ending of X @_@

Holy hell. @___@ I'm about to pass out from my own revelation. @____@

Now, I'm all gussed up (sorta) and ready to dazzle everyone in my media class with my part of our cable group's presentation. Or at least I will after I finish watching my X video a few more times. @___@
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