April 5th, 2002


New Icons, Mangas and Snoozage.

z_z Added a couple new icons. Tried to get a bigger variety of stuff on these.

I had gone to bed, but as I laid there I realized with a big freaking DOH! that I had forgotten to do my math homework, so I quickly did it as quickly as possible. Took me about 40 minutes. z_z It wasn't that hard. Anyway, I came back to the computer to check on my multiple downloads and then check LJ, and then decided I needed to switch my icons. I'm almost done with different icon sets (I got a Kaga one nearly done, a Waya one nearly done, a Mitani one nearly done, a Sai set done and almost three Hikaru sets done @_@). Needless to say, I'll have plenty of icons for a while. I still need to snip up Akari, Akira and Tsutsui icons too. o_o; And I might do Touya-majin and Isumi-kun. (I'm really starting to like Isumi-kun *_*)

And also, I've been reading a /lot/ of scantranslations lately. @_@ Finished all of Card Captor Sakura already (really did like the anime better too) and finished all that I can find of Hikaru no Go and Naruto. I've started Shaman King recently, and am going to start Hunter x Hunter, Panima, Ryuuroden, and DNA^2 soonish. I'm currently downloading Minto na Bokura, Marmalade Boy, Love Hina, and Video Girl Ai. I might get to read the Marmalade Boy Manga before I even start the anime! Wacky, huh?

Anyway, it's getting really late, and if I don't want to have to nap when I get home, I better crash (though the 3 hour splat onto my bed nap that I took this afternoon might help prevent that, I even went to bed early the night before!).

Nini. z_z
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Well, I did it.

I am bad. I am a bad, bad girl. Spank me now.

I did not get much sleep last night at all. I think that three hour nap killed my need for sleep.

But anyway, here's what I did that was bad, cause it has nothing to do with sleeping.

I created Hikaru on FreeMUCK. ._.;

I don't even know if Touya or Sai can even pose! @_@ I could be dooming myself. If all else fails though, I can train them, right?

The only thing I'm really worried about is if Touya's player is one of those shonen-ai freaks who's going to go after poor Hikaru. o_o;

School bound!

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! In my evilness, I must now attend classes. @_@

Furk. u_u

(PS. I love this icon, this icon is the main reason I changed my set @_@)
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At school

Sneaking into the lab for a little one-on-one with the school computer. I may not post much because I'm not in one of the little privacy booths but right out in the open. @_@ I don't like it mommy, make it go away. Anyway, I went to my math class (bleh) and remember that homework I recalled at the absolute last minute and stayed up to finish? Well, the people in my class are such morons that she had to show all the problems but /TWO/ on the board, so she didn't bother to pick them up or give us credit because she had nothing to grade. >_< Grrr. Grrr. Seeth. Unpleased. Not happy. Grumblemuffin.

That is my update for the minute. Stay tuned for more.
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After that 95% I got too cocky! Media test #2 scores are in, and I got a 79%. @_@ Yeah, yeah, the class average appears to be 63%, so I still did pretty good by comparison, but ouch. No more getting cocky. Must study more next time. Bad Pam!

Man, I can't wait til I get home. Must get home now. Damnit. I still have English! Waaaaaaaaaaah.

Damn, for someone who got like no sleep, just found out she high-Ced her last test, I sure am hyper. o.o

Then again, last time she posted the results (our Media Professor) she forgot to post the results out of 100, and instead posted the raw scores. There were only 85 questions, so if I got a 79 out of 85, I did good, if I got a 79 out of 100 though... not as good. So, we'll see on Tuesday. o_o; I'll check blackboard again to see if she corrects anything. ^_^
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Gah! I am SO hyper. @_@

I spent a little while searching around until I finally found FreeMUCK's telnet addy. So I logged in as Hikaru and WAI!! 3 page mails! Sai and Touya seem pretty cool from the mails, so there appears to be hope! And it looks like they're going to play as if this is pretty much the beginning, so I get to play Hikaru as the 'Go is Boring, I don't want to play this, get out of my head you stupid ghost!' We still have to figure out how to work Sai, but we'll see what we can do! ^_^;;; Gosh, I'm too hyper. I'm going to end up falling over at about 3pm and dying for a few hours (I'll wake up though, don't worry, death can not touch me! I am immortal!).

Curious. Is my sis coming home this weekend? Sis?
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