April 3rd, 2002



Back at school. Whine. Why can't Spring Break last longer? (As if two extra days weren't enough?)

Well, the good news is, I get to update here again with more than just surveys and random ramblings! Love me! *_*

Yesterday was badness. I don't know why. eaterofcrayons and amurderofcrows got the brunt of this depression. Talking to inami for a little while helped a lot more than I was expecting, and I even got to tell amiboshi about my newly purchased flight to Canada!

(THANKS calmofthestorm!!!!!)

Anyway, I feel okay now. Got a long day ahead of me, but that's okay! Been reading a /LOT/ of scan translations lately. I finished Card Captor Sakura's manga (which I liked the anime more. @_@ I can't believe it!) and I'm working my way through Naruto. Naruto has a lot of fighting, but the main characters are really kick ass. Sasuke-kun. *.* And I like you too, Naruto, so stop looking at me like that! I even like Sakura now that she's got her thumb out of her ass and is actually trying to become a ninja for more than just being around Sasuke (not that I really blame her for that.)

I think I'm going to alter my icon set again, grabbing a better variety from the other Hikago icons I've made so far.

I need to start cleaning out my room when I get home too. *sigh* I'll prolly stay logged on while I do this, and maybe attempt to get a scene going somewhere. It all depends. I won't be home for good until 4pm though (Wednesday is my long day) and I want to get at least one of the four corners of my room done tonight. Not completely cleaned out, but at least clean to the point where we can remove the furnature. I think I'll start with the corner with the vanity. Then I can go after the corner with the dresser, then the bookshelf, then finally my computer desk. I don't expect to be done before the weekend, but I want to be finished before Monday, and then use Tuesday to fully clean the room out. I'll have to talk to mom. I pretty much told her I don't want any help. I couldn't stand it if she cleaned my room.
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Well, bah, I have nothing to do. Go figure. @_@

I'm going to leave the lab in about twenty and try to call my mother and see if she can pick me up for an hour between 1 and 2 and take me to lunch. I'm kinda hungry, and we haven't gone to lunch that much.

I'd usually have til three (which is why I usually go home for an hour and a half before jetting back to my media lab), but I'm meeting my cable group /again/ at 2, so I only have til 2. At least the cable group thing is almost done. I really wish I would have had a better idea to supply so we could have done something a little more exciting than an old people channel. u_u Unfortunately they didn't know anything about anime, so I couldn't talk them into /that/. I wish I'd come up with my Christmas All Year Round channel idea a little earlier. That would have been so adorable to do. @_@