March 28th, 2002



Just saw the last episode of the X TV series. Yes, you heard me right, the last. One word. Wow. A lot better than I was fearing. Completely /different/ from what I was expecting. I won't go into details, but unless you're one of those purists (*cough* amiboshi *cough*) or you /really/ liked the end of the Movie then you might not hate this ending either.

One thing is for sure, I now must make another X music video.

The Hinoto one, a Subaru/Kamui one, and then another vid to Kamui alone.

One last word before I go to bed. SUBARU!!!! *_* I love him!!!!!!!!!

Well, not last. I figured I'd be silly and post what I said over channel while watching it. Warning, language, no real spoilers except general emotional reactions.

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Must find song! I know what I want. Something classical with heavy latin, kind of a Catholic sound to it. That or something very creepy and dramatic. Over all though, I want /no/ English in the damn song at all. This isn't going to be an 'oh wow, that matches the lyrics perfectly' AMV. I'm going for a shit-in-the-britches 'Wow' AMV. n.n; And actually, I have the perfect song, but the damn thing is only 3 minutes long. I need more time to shove in beautiful footage!
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