March 26th, 2002


This is sad...

I'm obsessed with Hikago icons!

So far I've snipped up 23 shots of Waya, 14 of Sai, 29 more clips of Hikaru, and 3 clips for Mitani and Akari, and 7 for Akira.

I still have 43 chapters to go through, so I'll likely get more for Sai, Waya, Mitani, Akari and Akira, as well as some for Tsutsui and maybe Kaga. I probably won't snip any more for Hikaru (well, hopefully not 20 more at least).

I think I'm gonna send these to an Icon group and see if anyone wants to claim a few.

I'd work more, but I'm exhausted. *glances at the clock* Furk. No wonder. z.z
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Hikago Icon Count

Looking to have 140 icons, and I still have 36 chapters to cut up. x.x

Individual character counts at present -

Akari - 7
Akira - 10
Hikaru - 58
Kaga - 6
Mitani - 16
Sai - 19
Tsutsui - 4
Waya - 26

This is the finished count (the above is the unfinished -- uncolored, unsized, unworded)

Hikaru - 9

Now, going to pass out. Will work more on this later.
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