March 25th, 2002


You know...

It's sad. I should have posted this earlier, but I made an attempt at sleep and it illuded me, so I came back to my computer and checked out a webpage I'd just found yesterday. There was no way it could possibly be updated already, right? Well, low and behold it was! And I had two new chapters of Hikaru no Go to read! *.*

Hikaru no Go? You mean, you've never heard me gush over it? Geez! Where have you been!

Oh wait, I don't gush over it much on LJ. Anyway, if you want to see what I'm gushing over, go to this page. It has the first 71 chapters of the Hikaru no Go Manga completely scanned and translated! I was SO HAPPY when I found this! I no longer have to wait for the slow fansubbers! And amazingly, the anime and the manga are a lot alike! They changed some minor stuff around, and explained some other stuff more thoroughly, and I think the Go games are easier to understand in the anime, but the manga still kicks ass!

Mitani-kun! Sai! Waya! Touya! Hikaru! *_*

This link works! *_*
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Oh. My. God!

There are 157 lj users living in Springfield Missouri!!!! And 52 have been updated in the last week!

And just by peeking at a few pages, I've already found one person I know! Anna's boyfriend!!!!! caravel I'm so tempted to send him something, or add him to my friends list just to see what happens, but I wonder if he might find that weird coming from someone he only met once at VisionCon for a very brief moment where we didn't even talk... o_o

Bah. Doorbells.

Got woke up by doorbells.

It was the arrival of the preordained as well. Quistis and Rinoa arrived in their packages. None of the packages were anywhere near mint, Rinoa's had the bottom ripped open. But all limbs were intact and the figures themself weren't damaged so I put them on my sister's bed.

(Note: My sister bought most of the FF8 figure collection to go with her Squall via ebay.)

Going back to bed. z.z; If Seifer shows up and wakes me up too, I'm kicking some ass. z.z;
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