March 18th, 2002



I just finished all of CCS!!!! OH MY GOSH!! *_*;;; I'm in love!! I'm so happy! What a good ending!! Shaoran-kun!!!!!! *_______* (If you can't guess, I'm quite the fangirl)

I need to make tenshiko watch this. o_o;;; If she liked KKJ, she might like this, once you get past the intital episodes at least. n.n
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I just finished my CCS vid and I'm already pondering what to do next? Hai, hai. I'm very, very sad. x.x; Anyway, I do have an idea, and it's all thanks to amurderofcrows. I'm going to do a music video to one of the Seki Tomokazu songs she sent me (and hopefully going to send more! *.*) and use footage of animes that he's been in. I have footage for Fushigi Yuugi, Fruits Basket, Infinite Ryvius, Ayashi no Ceres, CCS and Himikoden right now, and I can probably find more eventually. I don't know if the idea will work out, but there you go.

I do have a couple other ideas. Collapse )
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You know what...

I'm bad. I'm thinking of submiting a couple music videos to cons I'm not even planning to go to. (Do they accept it if you're not gonna be there?)

None of them say you /have/ to go, but... I dunno. I think I'd like to be there to see people watch my vids. I love seeing reactions and all, but... aw well. I do want more people to see my vids, so maybe I should just be happy if they accept and show one of them.

We'll see. I've looked at a few that accept Digital submissions on CD-Rs, so I could go with that since the VCR thing did not work out.

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