March 15th, 2002



Been a day. Without mom around I'm pretty much going to be in my room all weekend, so you'll probably see a lot of me online (to those who see me online) though that doesn't mean I'll post. I'm bad about posting at home. Maybe it's because I tend to be doing about twenty different things involving aspects of my computer all at once. Watching CCS, making AMVs, pecking away at graphics, occassionally RPing (though not as much as I'd like).

Right now I'm in the Pummel lab. I didn't feel like getting hit on again today, so I didn't go near the buses. (Unlike what some people might think, while it is flattering, I kinda wish it wasn't happening. Don't ask...)

I took a trip down memory lane today, reading back posts on LJ and going over things from a long time ago. Trying to decide what my next music video should be. I'm considering a Shaolan vid (CCS) just because I totally love the guy. x.x;; I don't know what song I would use though... He's adorable, but he's so serious. o_o;; When he smiles it's a rarity.

I'm going to have to work on my cable project some tonight and this weekend. Will have to hook my VCR up to my computer. Between breaks of work, I may go ahead and record my Music videos onto VHS so I can let Anna and her boyfriend borrow the tape and view my masterpieces! (No, I'm not full of myself, really, I'm not.)

Oh, I checked my grades in Math and English. I'm making very high Bs in both. I'm gonna try to get them up to As if I can. If I can't though, no big deal. Bs are good for me! I'm not getting any benifits if I get a 4.0 anyway. Don't know what my Media class is.

Oh! Sending bunches of love to amiboshi. Hope it all goes well and you're feeling good soon!
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New LJ

Made a new Livejournal. This one will be unpaid and it's made for one purpose. To keep track of my AMVs. I'll make periodic posts while I work on AMVs, and once is back up, I plan to post the link on my member profile so people can get updates on what I'm doing.

The LJ is tcamvs.
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