March 11th, 2002


*blush!* *O.O*

I just got asked out!!!!!!!!



I had to say no, I have a class at noon today, but I said we could go to lunch some other time.

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Gettin sleepy again... z_z

After the buzz of finding out I did okay on the test (no exact grade back on it til Wednesday, but she assured me that I did fairly good on what she's looked over already) and getting asked out (*BLUSH*) I'm starting to get really tired again.

z.z;;; Just two more hours. Just gotta make it til 1. Then I can splat as soon as I get home... 2 hours... 2 hours... must not lay head on keyboard in lab...

... O.O; I'm awake, I'm awake!
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You know...

I was horrified when I started to take this test, but... Heheheheheheh!!!

i'm elena x reeve!

i'm goofy and het, but i don't care, because damn if i'm not having more fun than anybody else. and on top of that, my boyfriend can make custom sex toys.

what could be better?

take the which bishink pairing are you? test,

by tenshi and llamajoy.

Reeve's cute! *.*