March 8th, 2002


Oh f*


You're Sumeragi Subaru!
Angst, betrayal, and perhaps large floating sakura petals seem to follow you everywhere. And yet, through all the psychological anguish that characterizes your life, you still manage to be so much prettier than everyone else. Don't trust tall, dark and handsome men in sunglasses, no matter how sexy they may be.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

I'm taking this again when I get home from my test. I think maybe I was just a bit too angsty.


Much better...

Not quite 'Hills are alive with the sound of music' okay, but much better than I was!

My throat is only somewhat sore now, I'm able to eat and drink (big plus!) and keep it down and I'm not quite as weak anymore (probably cause I actually have food in my tummy *_*).

The only thing now is this bad cough that I still got. Hopefully that'll be gone soon. It's actually worse today than it was yesterday. And this one is somewhat productive, which none of my other coughs were.

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I Took the High Yield Killing Method Test
Congratulations, you are a Mad Scientist! Who needs childhood playmates or furry little dogs when there are things like computers and chemicals in the world. You sit in your sterile and shiny lab watching society go to hell in a handbasket and your trigger finger starts that annoying twitching. It won't be long before you press that big, red button that says "NO!!!! This brings the End of All Things!" and there will be a pretty flash of light and then the blissful quiet of a world filled with only machines. Cold, bright, loving, approving, intelligent machines.

Image and link removed due to dead.