March 4th, 2002


I was definately getting hit on. *o.o*

Okay, my mind is no longer fogged on the matter. I was definitely getting hit on by my former Astronomy Lab Instructor.

Not only did he continiously touch me (pat my arm, pat my back when I was getting up to leave, nudge me with his shoulder and elbow, finger my hat), he also commented, "Do you always wear that hat?"

I responded that I didn't always, but it saved me from having to do my hair in the morning.

And he said, "That's too bad. You'd look cute with your hair done." Then a moment later he added, "Though you look cute in your hat too."


I don't get hit on much, this is really flattering.
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Update on Cold

This is just for those who care. I still got my cold, but it seems to be a lot better. My throat is still really sore and I still cough occassionally. Nowhere near as much. And at least that suspisious metallic taste that kept showing up in my mouth after a particularly hard cough has stopped.

I was able to get to sleep a little after making that post, but still, I kinda wish I'd gotten more. I may nap when I get home, depending on if the guys are still there laying the carpet (I don't want to try to nap with a bunch of complete strangers walking through my room o.o)

If I'm too tired, I may just ask if I can borrow the 'rent's bed. Their bedroom is out of the way, so I could logically sleep there.

This week is going to be really hard on me. I have a math test on Friday, and research paper to write and my cable channel project to work on. Plus, we'll be finish my sister's room, and likely starting on mine soon. x.x; I don't know if I'm going to manage to get Tasuki done, but we'll see.
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(no subject)

Came back to the lab again after a bunch of gulps. Wrote up some stuff for Hatsui for sairai just so people could have an idea what he is like and there's no pregen conflicts.

Am going to go again now. Gotta get over to Pummel and my throat is requiring liquid again.
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New AMV. #10

Come Back, Kyou

Video: Fruits Basket (primarily episode 26)
Audio: Dead Can Dance, Summoning of the Muse

This video is a major spoiler for Fruits Basket, and pretty lame, in my opinion. But hey. n.n

Two vids in progress, also for Fruits Basket. One for Yuki/Tohru (my 'ship *.*) and one for the multitudes of angst in the series.
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