March 2nd, 2002


*giggles at sis*

Real Life quote. My sister's silly.

Background: She bought a figurine of Squall from FF8 at VisionCon this year.

"You know, I love my Squall. I'd sleep with him if he wasn't so hard and had a pointy stick."

I had to pick myself off the ground. x.@ *chokelaughchoke*
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Did anyone know there was a 9th and 10th Gaiden!?!?!? (As in, Fushigi Yuugi novels)

Well, there /are!/

9 was released in December, featuring Tamahome. And 10 was released yesterday. Took a /lot/ of digging around, but I finally found out who it features. Mitsukake!! About time one of the 'ignored guys' got some spotlight!