February 20th, 2002


Day of Firsts

Yay. I woke up for nothing. This is my day of firsts. My teacher didn't show up for my first class. If I'd known she wasn't going to show up, I would have been able to sleep for 3 more hours. Woe is me. ;.; I was really tired too.

This is the first time that a teacher has not shown up at a class I've been in. I know it won't be the last, but still, it's kind of annoying. I hope she wasn't hurt or anything though.

The other first is this is the first time that I've bothered to walk over to the computer lab in Glass Hall. The computer lab in Cheek is always full, so that's why I haven't been posting every MWF like I did last semester. I just don't bother to walk all the way over to Glass (which is about a block and a half away from Pummel, where my MWF classes are.

If I could have gotten through on the phone, I would have gone home and gone back to sleep. Alas. Woe is me.
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If I knew I was going to work on my Peter Pettigrew application at school, I would have brought a disk, or emailed the app so far to myself. (I'm in a woe is me mood right now, if you haven't noticed.)

On the plus, at least I know what I /haven't/ done, so I can do all that right now. There's still a few parts of the background I need to write (mainly the beginning), so I can work on that now. I have the psyche almost completely done now.

You know, this may become the day of 'Firsts, but not Lasts' because I forgot how much I liked coming to this lab. n.n;

Note: LJ needs more moods. (Real mood of the moment: Sulky)
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Update: Peter Pettigrew App

Finished Psyche, Decription, Resources, Powers (though that's actually at home).

Going to work on the beginning of the background now, up til his Sorting Hat ceremony (which is where I started to write the other one, cause I had a really good idea for it -- or at least, I think it was good).
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Outta here for now

Well, finished up to the train ride, so depending on if I want to write anything specifically in that, I'm mostly done. Now just gotta pin down the rest of the to-be-apped gang and run by background stuff so as not to step on any toes!

Going to email everything to myself, then run back across campus to Pummel.