December 23rd, 2001


O.O *laugh!*

Oh my gawd. This review was the funniest thing I've read all year!

Juicy Cerebellum's: Lord of the Rings Review

WARNING: Do not follow the above link if you
a) do not have a sense of humor
b) are a rabid LotR fan
c) are going to flame me for posting the link to a negative review for the movie.

Also, there aren't any real spoilers, except for one little comment he makes about the end (which isn't much of a spoiler at all and more of a warning.)
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Do you have any idea what it's like to look out your windows and see... a mutilated Santa? Well, now I do. This isn't the first time our decorations have been sabatoged. A few weeks ago, someone stole on of the wreaths we had out on a fence. Now? Our santa and the sleigh were wrecked. Santa more so, because all I could find were the arms. o_o

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My Turk.

I originally got Rude, but... no. Changed two answers (that I was iffy on anyway) and got Reeve. Much better.

i can't make you trust me...
poor you. all you want to do is keep the people happy, but those meanies heidegger and scarlet keep bossing you around. you're technically one of the main characters, but you don't even get a nice big fullsized colour picture like the turks do. not even an FMV! so what do you do? you make a great big eletronic cat which rides around on a moogle who acts as a double agent. um...yes. whatever floats your boat.

check ME out, i'm reeve!
because talking cats are cool.
Hey, I want to take the Shin-Ra-ite test too, made by purplette!