October 3rd, 2001



Well, I just finished my History midterm which I spent the last week stressing over. It wasn't that bad. I studied enough apparently. Yay.

The real news I have is my decision to app two more characters. One on Heroes and one on Majin. The one on Majin is a big step, seeing as I've only really gotten one scene with the character I have there already. ;_; Sigh. I do hope to get more though. >.< Anyway, this character is Mikagami Tokiya from Recca no Honoo (Flame of Recca), and I plan to app him as a sword-hand of Hikou (already talked to Hikou about this). To explain his affiliation with Tenkou I'm drawing right from the series and his obsession which ran most of his life. His sister's murder.

He never was much of a follower though, so I plan to play up his attempts at taking control of situations handed to him as much as possible. Problem is the damn skill points. >.< Mikagami was the most rounded character skill wise in Flame of Recca. He could do /everything/. Leadership, stragegy, judging oponents, science (from bontany to physics) and he was a master swordsman, and a fairly good unarmed fighter and an amazing dodger (he didn't dodge a bullet --Recca did that-- but the next thing to it). How I'm going to fit all his skills into 90 points I have no idea. u.u Maybe I can ask for more, but I don't really want to push things. Just those damn combat and science skills cost so much. He was trained since he was ten years old as a swordsman. His obssession for revenge drove his every waking thought. He had so accurate an attack that he hit the /same/ exact point of a staff with his sword hundreds of times in a row without missing once.

Sigh. I'll figure out something.

One thing that's kinda funny about my apping Mikagami as Hikou's swordhand is the fact that Mikagami shares the same seiyuu as Tamahome/Taka/Yousui. And with long dark hair and light blue eyes and a thing for water... well... Heh.

Either way, once I finish, he should be interesting to play. It was either him or Koganei Kaoru-kun. But I don't think anyone would take a 14 year old body-guard seriously.