July 2nd, 2001



Here's my report for the night.

Around 6pm, I got a whim. To clean my room of all things. You see, I'm a slob. A really, really bad slob. I can't even walk through my room sometimes without stepping on things. And since a certain someone is going to be visiting come August... I need to get some cleaning done soon so it's presentable.

So I started cleaning.

And while I was cleaning I stumbled on a tape. Ooo. I put in the tape and suddenly. O_O Buffy! My unmarked Buffy tape! The Prom and Graduation 1! The two eps I was missing! Yay!! So while I clean I get to record the rest of Seifergrrl's tapes so she can have another batch of tapes. ^_^

So, I am going to clean my room! And record Buffy, Angel and Roswell episodes. /And/ tomorrow I have eye exams and mall and hopefully going to take my photos to the photo shop so I can scan the old cemetery pictures I took. I'll post a link to them once they're scanned. Promise.
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