June 30th, 2001

DRAMA, aggravated


Don't you just love it when your parent comes back and says, "You remember we're going to your grandpa's tomorrow."

I kinda looked at her and said, "You never told me."

"Yes I did. You tried to get out of it."

"No, I didn't. I tried to get out of the Father's Day get together when you told me about that. You never told me about this."


*sigh* And she gives me funny looks when I say that no one tells me anything around this place. >.<

So anyway, tomorrow I'll be doing the family thing from Noon to evening. I'll give a full report when I get back.
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Apparently my mom told a little fudge. She said we would leave and noon, but now she says we're heading there at 2 and going to stay long enough for fireworks. And since it gets dark pretty late now... well... I probably won't be around til pretty late. Hopefully I won't be too tired when I get back.

I'm gonna go lay back down on my bed for a while now and reserve energy for the fam.
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