June 29th, 2001


Morning Contemplativeness on Carving

You know what is cool? Gel candles. I'm probably the only one in the world who finds them cool for the reason I do. I like to melt the gel and then mold it and cut it into little pieces and melt and mold and cut all over again. c.c; I have a half dozen dismembered gel candles just for that purpose.

I'm starting to wonder if I was some kind of nut case in a past life and to keep myself from carving human flesh I have to carve up gel candles... Or, in the case of the old wooden couch we used to have in the family room, a diagram of a nonexistent solar system on the wooden arm.

On the plus side, I normally don't carve up things that don't belong to me. In a sense at least...
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Oh oh oh oh! Sudden thought!

Has /anyone/ here seen The Adventures of Baron Munchausen!?

Oh damn it, I'm gonna go dig it up. *_* BBL, after I've fully immersed myself in the wonder that is that movie. It has Robin Williams at his best. As King of the Moon. ^_^
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Good-bye peaton@mail.orion.org

I got an email today from my email server. Turns out come September 1st, they're closing their connection to the net for good. Oh, this will be a sad day. u.u

On the bright side, I already have another email, I just never used it before, so it'll take a minor adjustment. I'll go ahead and continue using my current email until August, then I'll switch over all my mailing lists and post my new email for everyone. Hey... Guess this'll mean I'll stop getting requests for me to finish fanfic that I abandoned years ago and cringe every time someone emails me about them... Hmmm.

That is a bad thought. Really it is. Either way, I'll survive. I'll post my new email here for you all when I start using it. Thanks for listening.
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