June 10th, 2001


8 vs 9. What's the dish?

Okay, what's the deal that makes 9am sound /so/ much nicer than 8am? One extra number? A measly extra hour? The fact that after 9 it's double diget season? Does 9 just send off a better vibe? I mean, I roll over and see 8:30 and I'm all. No way in hell am I getting out of this bed. But just 30 minutes later, the same time it takes to watch a cheesy sitcom, it's suddenly okay to get out of bed because the clock says 9 instead of 8. Waaai. I don't get it. @.@
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Moulin Rouge

Saw Moulin Rouge. I adored it. It was so much fun. It was a total movie. It plays to the audience. I understand that some people won't like it. It's a little weird, and the stuff that goes on is impossible, but they have to realize that it's a movie. And movies are meant to entertain and as long as you don't try to analize it, and just watch for the images and the music and the love story, than you'll fall in love instantly.

I went for one reason, honestly. Ewan McGregor. I wanted to hear him sing. And hot damn was it worth it.

Oh, and there's some anime aspects every so often. A character even gets starry eyes!
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