June 8th, 2001


Another sleepless night

This is probably the sixth night in a row where I couldn't sleep a wink while I was laying in bed. As Michi can atest, I even went to bed with the intention to sleep. Sleep just did not answer my call. Again. I hate this. There are times when I sleep for 12+ hours, and then there are times when I couldn't sleep for more than 2 at a time. This would be the later.

On the up side, if I can manage to not take a two hour nap just as my mom leaves, I should be going to drop off my three packages (CDs for Carm and Kim and the first set of VHS tapes for Mandy) and get somemore of the way cool 8 hour VHS tapes while we're out, and maybe a couple candles. Been meaning to go candle shopping for a while.

Oh! One interesting thing about insomnia, is I was peeking around a Roswell page (Crashdown.com) and they have these public forums, and for a while I knew that some people assosiated with the show posted there, but I had no idea until I peeked for myself. Brendan Fehr (the guy who plays Michael and was in the Forsaken movie) is extremely funny and guylike. I really had a blast reading his past posts. Any guy who answers a 'Boxers or Briefs' Q&A with 'No boxers or briefs' and then says he's going to bed is just so freaking cool. Seeing the droolfanclub react to /that/ was quite funny.

(Anyone interested, just go to the Forum sections and do a member search for Spiderman - his forum nickname.)
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As some people may know, I've dabbled a little in divination. Well, since I was sleepless, and I need to stay up til mom is ready, I decided to pull out my old cards and give myself a reading (Tarot obviously). And damn. o.o; Was it accurate. The short term past and concerns and what not. And as soon as I laid the card down that represented my inner desire I nearly choked. I mean, couldn't get more accurate than that. But, anywho. If the future is right (the cards I got for it), than I got some stuff to look forward to. Yay.
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Happy shopper

I normally don't like shopping, but today I did. Not only did I get some good candles, but I also snagged a few CDs! Including Moulin Rouge. Man, Ewan McGregor can sing. *.*

I also got Mummy Returns soundtrack and the tapes that I needed to make the copies for Mandy.

I also got my three packages mailed. Hopefully they'll be in their destinations by Monday. ^_^
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