May 13th, 2001


Life's Lessons for College

After all my talking yesterday, I've been really quiet today! There's a good reason. I was working on my final for IDS (Introduction to University Living). It's basically a paper, but an untraditional one. We had to write one of three things. I picked the 'Life's Little Lessons for College' one. And here's my life lessons for college!

Punctuality is important, but attendance of the mind as well as the body is even more so.

Be careful where you put your hands (and other body parts); you can never be sure what else has touched it before.

Be generous, but not too much so.

There is such a thing as too much studying. A happy medium should be found and maintained.

The above also applies to fun.

Share your table with strangers; you never know what interesting people you might meet.

Ask for help when you are confused or lost.

Say "thank you" with a smile.

Taking notes is good and well, but it never hurts to make eye contact with the lecturer.

Commit to something you like.

Your needs and wants are important, but knowing which ones are higher priority is even more so.

Don't be in such a hurry to leave.

Everyone has a life and desires. Respect them as you would your own.

Like yourself.

Put your own touch in everything that you do.

Find something to enjoy in every one of your classes.

Have an open heart and mind.

Accept compliments and criticism.

When you're upset take deep breaths and listen to your favorite music.

Get involved in things you like.

Forgive past mistakes, especially your own.

Sit near the front and stay awake.

Extra effort never hurts when you have the time.

Be neat.

Stay up to date of events and news items.

Try new things.

Yeah, it's silly, but hey. ^^ It wasn't supposed to be a huge assignment.
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