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Sleepless nights, restless mornings, brainless banter

I slept all of two hours last night. And you wanna know when they were? 10-midnight. Yup. That's it. Woke up at midnight and could /not/ get back to sleep. Reason? I just couldn't. If there was a reason, I would have solved it. But there is one thing I have to blame. I had this supposedly imaginary scene from Buffy that is haunting me. It's a scene between Dawn and Buffy talking about her boyfriends and how Dawn didn't care for Angel, but liked Riley, and whoever she dates next she'll probably really dig. I can not find the freaking scene, but I remember it vividly. I'm starting to think it was my imagination. That, or it was a fic I read somewhere. Which is completely possible. That scene would be total Buffy/Spike fodder (since Dawn is extremely fond of the blonde vamp) and most the Buffy fics I read are Buffy/Spike now.

Darlings, I was a Buffy/Spike fan long before most people. Back in the 2nd season. Yup, you heard that right. Me and my sister were wanting them to hook up all the way back then. You can imagine our excitement when Out of Mind showed the first time -- I was literally /screaming/.

Anyway, despite the lack of sleep, I sang along to the Linkin Park CD my sister got me yesterday. *_* That /totally/ woke me up. And I think it even helped keep me pumped when my test came up. I think I sucked at the Essay, but I should get at least 3/4ths the credit for that part. All I need is a 75% to maintain my B in the class, so that should be enough with the term definations and the matching section added in (which I am pretty sure I nailed).
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