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Back pains and fanfic thoughts

Holy shit. x.x; The right side of my lower back and my left shoulder and side of neck are in so much freaking pain right now. x.x; Must he from cleaning my room. I tried using a heating pad, but all that did was make me uncomfortably hot. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Anyway, during my attempt to lay back and shrug it off with heat, I was watching some Buffy eps (from this season) and got an idea for a fic. A semi-crossover with Buffy and Fushigi Yuugi (yup, you read that right) where Dawn happens to stumble upon a copy of the Shijintenchisho and gets sucked into the books as the new Genbu no Miko (since the in 1st OVA some of the Genbu sei had already been reborn). Takes place 6 years 'Real world' after Miaka, and twenty years after the 2nd OVA in the books. I doubt I'll write it, but it's kinda cool idea. I'd have to work the other characters in somehow though. No fair if I write a Buffy crossover and all anyone except Dawn gets to do is read a book. ;)

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