TC (thunderchild) wrote,


Ideas for Shards are coming out of everywhere. Here are the most likely of the many listable characters that I would consider taking, and what they would do in the world of Shards:

Mibu Kyoshiro / Demon Eyes Kyo (From Samurai Deeper Kyo) - I would take a bit from the anime and mostly from the manga (cause it's less supernatural and more believable). I may keep the sword from the anime though. *cough* Who wouldn't want a genuine Muramasa? I'd take him at the beginning of the manga, particularly. He would be an extremely weird character to play. Go from a stumbling, bumbling, cowardly pervert, to a creepy, blood thirsty maniac at the drop of a hat. Kyoshiro could be a chemist in Hold, until Demon Eyes Kyo pops out for the first time, then he'd likely take to the wild, for fear of killing people.

Kid (From Gundam X) - A early teen genius machanic who's rather cool and dedicated. Need to finish Gundam X. Definitely. And, he'd be a major techie, something the game seems to be lacking.

Tachibana Asuka (from s.CRY.ed) - He'd make an amazing Seeker/Slayer. He'd be a good Slayer, but he'd also be rather good at talking to people. He's a calm mind and a friendly guy. He'd be cool just about anywhere. n.n

Raphael (from Tenshi ni Narumon) - No clue in hell how he'd fit on Shards. I mean, he's an Angel, for Christ sake. Would he still be an Angel in a busted apart world? o_o;; Anyway, I want to play him!

As you can see, there's no way I can take all four of these guys *cry* so I need to decide who to say yes to, and who to say no to. Kyoshiro is SO TEMPTING. ~_~;;

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