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*giggle* I love Ron.

[Gryffindor] Ron says, "Professor, If I'm a good Gryffindor and don't lose a single point next year, will you teach me how to transfigure Malfoy into a ferret?"
[Gryffindor] Hermione covers her mouth. Must. Not. Laugh.
[Gryffindor] Ron says, "Hey, under the right motivation, I can be good! XD"
[Gryffindor] Alan says, "Hey, that would be a great think to learn how to do!"
[Gryffindor] McGonagall stares at Ron coldly. "I'll consider it."
[Gryffindor] Alan says, "She didn't say no, man!"
[Gryffindor] Ron says, "I promise to only do it after we all graduate?"
[Gryffindor] Parvati just...giggles hysterically.
[Gryffindor] McGonagall says, "If Hermione had asked, I would have said yes.""
[Gryffindor] Ron nudges Hermione. Ask. Ask. (Then teach me.)

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