TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Some of the many things I am thankful for....

My mad photoshop skills, which I learned in part by my art class. Lord knows I would have never made such pretty icons without that class.

Vomit flavored beans. Seriously. I tricked my poor cousin into eating one, he took one home with him and tricked his older brother into eating one (and his mom ate Dirt) so, it was quite amusing to me.

Igo. A year ago at this time I had discovered the game itself, though I didn't try to play it until March. I am thankful for both Hikaru no Go, which introduced me to this game, and my cousin who let me kick his ass multiple times across a Go board. (And to chirikoboshi, who humored me the first time I decided to go out and play, still looking forward to a rematch!)

Draco/Cho. I know, this sounds absolutely silly. How could an unconventional HP relationship be something to be thankful for. But because of this, I have gotten emails from a strange (constructive emails that were more insightful on my writing than anything I ever got from my fanfics) and it made me closer to amiboshi. *glomps amiboshi*

Anime Chikara, the anime club I've been attending. While I'm not sure if the anime we watch will ever become one of my favorite, it has given me a reason to get out of the house outside of classes every so often, something that I seriously needed to do. I've met Hikago fans there, Pita Ten fans there, screaming yaoi fangirls there... you name it, we got it in our little club (including the over 40, kinda odd, old guy who builds models of anime girls and really likes the fanservice -- He's nice though).

Draco. Doesn't he count under the Draco/Cho header? No, he doesn't. Don't question me! He just doesn't. Again, this appreciation wouldn't be here unless amiboshi had converted me to the cult of Draco (though I still would probably drool over his jail bait actor). But now, I love the little prick. Don't ask why, I just do.

Recent RP. Yuki, Kureno and Tachibana@Phoenix, Raphael@Free. These four characters have been great fun to play, though Tachibana needs to get another scene soon. I'm really glad I got involved with all 4 of those characters, and look forward to getting involved in much more with them in the future. Thanks go out to all those involved in this venture! arcticayeka, eaterofcrayons, echizenakira, fatimablue, nanami_chan, nanami_hibino, oronoda, qara_isuke, and last but not least, tenshiko

Now, I need to go to my Thanksgiving dinner. Be back home tonight!

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