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Grrr. Just... grrr.

I can not believe this. I get to school and check the internet blackboard for my class... only to find out, low and behold, that I have homework for today's CIS class. Which he never mentioned in class at all. I would have checked blackboard sooner if not for my asshole of a internet connection. And I don't even have my book here at school with me to manage to do it! I suppose I could call my mother and see if she can pick me up to get the book, come back and try to do it in the 20 minutes that will be left between the drive and getting back here and my class. Grrr. Just... Grrrr.

I probably should mention that this homework is just reading the first two chapters of the Excell manual for the assignment we have to do today. I suppose I can probably wing it, even if I've never used Excell before (don't have it at home to use). I've used other Spreadsheet stuff though, so I'm sure I can figure it out. But still! Grr! He should have mentioned it in class. >.

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