TC (thunderchild) wrote,

This is all your fault amiboshi

Okay, technically it's my fault. I'm the one who wondered what would happen later on if Cho and Draco were dating happily and Daddy Lucius had decided to break them up in favor of a Slytherin girl. Well, duting math class, when I was supposed to be getting prepared for my test, I wrote up an entire premise of what Cho would do in response to it, and it’s actually pretty cool. I think I may write it as a fic, but I don’t know how well it will go over to completely skip the whole ‘how they got together and why they’ve been together for 5 years’ thing, so I may wait til you finish Let it Rain and then write this as a companion sequel or something. Don’t know how you’ll feel about that though, so I may just go ahead and write it. I’ve seen many a fic that skips ahead to the future and completely leaves out the middle and beginning of the stories, and some of them are done pretty well.

Anyway, the story will be pretty short. It should only compose of three scenes. One with Cho. One inside a Pensive and one with Lucius and Draco. I may need some advice on Lucius. You have a better asshole mind than I would and I need to know if he would go along with this. Anyway, if you wanna know the premise, I’ll tell you. I’m more generous with my fic ideas than /someone/ I know. -.-

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