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Nasty next two days. You all are warned ahead of time. I prolly won't log on much for ANYTHING cept talking. n.n;;; Sorry people at Phoenix, sorry amiboshi and amurderofcrows. I'm have two major assignments due on Wednesday and Thursday both. The Thursday one won't be half as stressful as the one due tomorrow. The one due tomorrow is getting all of my attention tonight. I won't let myself do ANYTHING ELSE. ~_~;;;; Cause I was supposed to work on it last night, but I kinda procrastinated and wanted to whine about stuff more than work. I did get some stuff done, but tonight I have to

A) Type up the outline to my persuasive speech
B) Make notecards for speech.
C) Memorize speech, which, by the way, has to be over 5 minutes and 30 seconds. ~__~

Suck a duck.

Good news is, that after Thursday, I'm pretty much done for the rest of the year! I have two more tests (Monday of next week and the Tuesday after next) and finals, but other than that, I'm free! Free at last! >D


Anyway, going home from school now, to get to work on my speech. Tomorrow I'll be posting alink to my art project and I'm going to NEED responses on what people think of it. I basically put photographs into a political cartoon, and am going to put my persuasive speech on the page, as well as links to all my sources from the speech. It's an Anti-War in Iraq thing. I NEED responses on it. That's part of the assignment, so... please expect to send me responses, or I'm gonna be really sad. Q_Q

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