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Amusing things in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Draco. (Yes, Draco was amusing)

Draco ripping a page out of a book at the store.

Draco's nod, when Lucius identifies Hermione. Draco's talked a lot about her, eh? (Can you say fuel for the Draco/Hermione shippers? *sigh*)

Draco getting bitten by the mandrake. Draco's nasty look at the mandrake, after being bitten.

Draco during the 'I'm the Seeker!' scene. *snicker*

Draco during the Quidditch Match. *choke*

Draco in the Hospital Wing! (OW! IT KILLED ME! IT HURTS SO MUCH! ;O:)

Draco's line to Harry/Goyle: "You can read?" and the impressed look afterwards.

Draco in the entire Slytherin Common Room Scene (THE SLOUCH! MY GOD! *_*)

My Draco fantasies are just increasing. Damn you, amiboshi ;o; You made me the Draco-fanatic I am today!

More was amusing than just Draco, but I felt like commenting on him most. ^^

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