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Well, I'm pretty much going to get nothing higher than a B in my PLS class. That's okay though, I suppose (as long as it's nothing LOWER than a B either). I can affoard another B. My GPA will still be high enough to get considered for possibly changing colleges. That is, unless, I get a B in another class this semester. Then I may be in trouble. My grade in speech is pretty much set in stone (I should get an A) and the same with math (A), but PED and ART are up in the air. I could go either way.

Speaking of Art... I have 50 minutes left to burn. I've finished my project (a whopping 80MB file ~_~) and I have nothing else I really CAN add to it. I suppose I could play around with filters for a while, or something... so boring. Kinda tempted to just ask if I can go home. Not doing anything besides posting in my journal anyway....

...Need to study for PED test tomorrow... need to do Math homework... The latter shouldn't take too long (I usually start my math homework /AFTER/ 9pm...) and the former may get skipped entirely... (I'm lazy and shiney computer looks nicer.)

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