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Trouble sleeping, despite tiredness, so... I figured I'd make that post I said I would earlier. This is for reference sake, for those who want me around for stuff. This week looks like this (all times Central):

Monday: Class til 2pm. I likely will need a nap, considering I am still up. I only have one known homework assignment for tomorrow (Art) and it isn't due, just required to be tentively finished. Shouldn't take more than an hour of my time. Need to be in bed by midnight.

Tuesday: Get out of class at 2pm. Will have homework in Math and possibly speech. Buffy is on at 7pm, and Smallville at 8pm. If something else comes up, I can record Smallville and watch it later (I won't miss Buffy unless I'm on my death bed -.-). Need to be in bed by midnight-ish.

Wednesday: Get off of school at 2pm (notice a pattern?). Will need to study for a PLS test on Thursday. Birds of Prey is on at 8, though I will likely record it and watch later. Prior RP commitments: Souma_Yuki at Phoenix, the Souma Halloween Party. Not missing it for the world! >_< Need to be in bed by midnight-ish.

Thursday: Get out of class at 2pm. Homework in Math, and possibly speech. Need to be in bed by midnightish.

Friday: Get out of class at 1pm (what!? Different!?! - Yup). Anime club at 7:30pm, til around 11pm.

Weekend... open to discussion.

That's my schedule for the week.

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