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Late night thoughts

I'm doing an all night study for a quiz tomorrow in History class, and I have been considering something for the last few days. I'd kinda like opinions on it.

First of all, originally I was planning to take History as my Major. I like History. It's interesting. But...

I'm thinking of changing. The area I'm considering is a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Arts. For this, I will have to prepare a portfolio for approval into the program. And to do that, I have to complete the four core classes (ART 110 and 230, MED 365 and MUS 216) with a 3.0 GPA or higher. This department will be /very/ hard to get into. And if I can't get a 3.0 GPA or don't get approved, those classes won't count towards a History major, or any other major I'm considering. I will have wasted two entire semesters just /trying/ to get into a program. I need to decide before I sign up for spring if I want to try something like this.
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