TC (thunderchild) wrote,


As some of you are aware, the President (Yes, G. W. Bush) came to my campus today to help campaign for the Republican Senate canidate (who I am personally not voting for). The visit began and ended quickly and I only saw him briefly from a distance (I went up to the 3rd floor of the Library to watch him leave -- he was speaking out the Student Center which was across the street). I didn't dare try to get closer, cause there were a lot of anti-war protestors out there, our school has one of the biggest International student populations in Missouri (if not the Midwest) so there were a lot of International students from Iraq, ect protesting. There were no accidents or anything, but it was really weird walking around campus and seeing low flying helicopters and sirens going off all around for the escourts, ect. ~_~

Anyway, I have a few goals for today.

1) Get all my Manga scanlations on my harddrive and sorted into zip files for each Volume.

2) Burn off anime that can be burned off.

3) RP on Jipang, if everyone is available. If not, then on Phoenix or somewhere else.

4) Hug my Hikaru UFO doll.

5) Play Go! What else would 5 be? (kidding, kidding)

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