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Chapter 65 is out....

And Akito's role in the Jyunishi is finally revealed...

Akito is God.

While the Jyunishi represent the animals that gathered under the decree of God to become the Jyunishi, Akito is that God.

Also, this begs a new speculation, especially since, in this same chapter, Akito physically injures Tohru while Yuki, Kyou and Hatsuharu look on. And do NOTHING. Kyou growls and obviously wants to go in, but he DOESN'T. They just STAND THERE. And we find out, that when Akito beat up Rin, Haru was present and he too, just STOOD there.

In the end, it is Momiji who saves the day. Momiji who ran off after getting slapped and brought back Hatori and Shigure.

Does this mean that they can not, no matter how much they wish, defy the God? It would explain a lot.

Oh, and instead of being all afraid, Tohru decided, then and there, that she would break the curse, no matter what.

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