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Fruits Basket Manga Fact Sheet Part 3

This is the last one I'm doing, but when I post this onto a webpage and post a link to it on Grand Ridge, I will make a few edits to it. I remembered some stuff about Haru and a few others.

Hiro -

He is first introduced in the manga at the dojo. It is persumed that Kyou is teaching him with Kazuma.

He has a connection with Rin and seems protective of her.

He is trying to make her "give it up," but she won't listen to him.

He also confronts Haru about it and gets treated like a child.

His mother is pregnant.

Ritsu (absolutely nothing, moving on)

Rin - (She wasn't even in the anime, so this is a brief description of her character)

She is the Horse of the Jyunishi.

Her real name is Isuzu Soma and she is about the same age as Kagura.

After being assualted by Akito (assumingly because of her relationship with Shigure and/or Haru), she began to live with Kagura.

She is violent and rather cruel and seems to like telling Kagura to give up her "hopeless love" for Kyou.

She broke up with Haru after being put in the hospital and doesn't even seem to think about him later. All she thinks about is Shigure.

Hiro is the only ones she seems to talk to evenly.

Seems to have an intimate relationship with Shigure, despite calling him Shigure-nii.

She smashes a sand castle Kyou and Tohru made together.

She threatens to kill Yuki, but knows she can't because he is "Akito's Toy."

Dark hair and tends to dress in black.

Kureno -

Most likely the Rooster.

Hatsuharu refers to him as a jyunishi and Yuki, Shigure and Akito imply so more than once as well.

He isn't allowed out much and is barely ever allowed to see the others.

He's very quiet and distant with light hair.

Akito seems to favor him over all of the others, even Hatori, Shigure and Yuki.

He happens to meet Uo-chan and falls for her, vice versa. Uo-chan knows nothing about him though.

He is about Shigure, Hatori and Ayame's age (27).

In Fruits Basket, just like Yuki is refered to as "mouse" and Haru as "cow", the rooster is refered to as "the bird". Could he be Akito's bird? About the same time he showed up, the bird stopped making apparances.

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