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For the heck of it

Just because I'm waiting for my 11am class and have little else that I want to do, I decided to do a quick 'by memory' list of all my past and present characters in the history of online. I'm putting *s next to those who actually were memorable.

Wheel of Time Games

Cuendillar MUX

The beginning of my RPing career. Hehehehe. Started around April 1st 1997

Lisendra - Classic 1st character. Domani Lady, runaway from home. Training to be a gleewoman -- performer
Colienda - Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah ***
Megaera - ex-Wisdom's Apprentice, Viewer, Darkfriend convert
Thierry - first attempt at male character, ended up making people say he was gay, so I dropped
Adelina - Queen of Cairhien, first staff position -- if one not taken seriously by the rest of the MUX **
Kell - Typical thief type character, with many quirks. Actually was a female Tasuki, favorite character on Cuendillar ****
Thyia - Barely played female warrior

Angreal MOO
Keahi - barely played Novice of the White Tower
Melidus - Maiden of the Spear, eventual Roofmistress to the Codarra Aiel **
Cerella - Caemlyn barmaid, typical 'flower girl'
Davaki - Wolfkin from Saldaea, named Swiftfang by the wolves, favorite on Angreal ***
Valrye - little played female Whitecloak

Heroes of the Wheel - Currently my only active WoT game, and my game of many clones

Neelkan - My Tasuki partial-clone, Warder to the Amyrlin of the Aes Sedai, favorite character of all time *****
Miltaiye - never played White Ajah Aes Sedai
Iro - former De'sovin, death walking, partial Duo clone
Val - lawyer in Jaramide, partial Lindsey from Angel clone
Joslin - Nightbringer in training

Comic Book type games -

Marvel X-Treme/Extreme (First comic themed game)

Joliene - Hydrokenetic mutant. Belonged to New Mutants and GenX. Became first /actual/ staff position. ***
Sally Belvins/Skids - Former Morlock, Former X-Terminator, Former X-Factor Ward. Little played.
Aurelia Vivinzzio - NYPD Homicide Detective, SHIELD Agent
Chess - High school student
Lishka - TP character for the Niflhiem plot, Niflmannaz (shadow man). Favorite character on MXT, and easily considered the turning point in my RP style ****

Excelsior MUX
Terry/Siryn - First attempt at an FC
Joliene - A lesser version of my MXT alt, Hellion

Marvel Reborn MUX
Skids - Much more liked than my MXT version, but less played due to MUX vanishing

Age of Apocolypse MUX
Joliene/Tsunami - Harsh, evil version of my MXT character. Very fun, even if little played. Again, due to MUX vanishing.

Sara Pezzini/Witchblade - Easily favorite comic FC character ****
Hope - Everett and Paige's time-warping daughter from the future. Little played

Deviations - Original themed comic-style MUX
Jasmine - Daughter of a US Senator, Deviant with optical metamorphisis. She could morph her eyes only, but had the potential to become a complex metamorph down to the molecular level. Favorite "original" powers.
Libra - My staff alt

Anime Themed Games

Distant Shores MUCK -

Tasuki - First actual sucess at playing a male character, FC from Fushigi Yuugi ***

Wagakuni no Hahen MUX -

Shiva - my staff alt
Tasuki - another version of the same FY FC ***
Takiko - First attempt at a Miko. Definately want to try /that/ again. Perhaps soon, thanks to Three Wishes. **
Tenchi - the Jurain prince from Tenchi Muyo.

Omochobako MUX -
Yuuhi - that Tennyo bodyguard from Ayashi no Ceres. Weee! ***
Dorothy - From Gundam Wing, apped as a Earthian style Angel. Definately /not/ your typical Angel either. Favorite female anime alt. ****

Majin Chuuten MUX -
Sakti - My Wiz Alt
Yuuhi - Another go at playing the man from Ayashi. Hopefully will get somemore action with him soon.

Possible additions

Heroes of the Wheel - Auryn (Not yet approved character in progress. To be a time traveller from the Seanchan empire. A morat'raken of the Deathwatch Guards.)

Majin Chuuten - Mikagami Tokiya (wielder of Ensui from Recca no Honoo, apped as guard to Hikou)

Omochobako? - Kurata Sana (Sana-chan from Kodomo no Omocha, unknown if will be apped at this point)

Pawns of the Powers MUX - Buffy themed game I'm Wizing on (as Hart). Unsure as yet who I will play, but Buffy and Lindsey are the two most mentioned now.

Three Wishes MUX - Tasuki, Takiko. Likely, but unsure as yet.

There we go. Long list, huh? And I'm pretty sure I forgot a few too.

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