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More rambling

This time of the Infinite Ryvius variety. Vague spoilers.

Since amurderofcrows finally got further into Ryvius than the first ep, I pulled out my discs and puttered thru a few of the later episodes (18-26), not watching all of them, of course.

When you watch the end episodes, not long after viewing the beginning, and skipping the middle entirely, you really see how much the characters change. All the characters change. I can't think of a single one that stays the same. Even the worthless piece of crap Lucson changes. He becomes what people call 'A True Zuei.'

Juli changes because of presure and emotional attatchments.

Aoi changes because of abandonment and love.

Kozue changes because of trauma.

Fina changes because of love, pain, trauma and sins.

Ikumi changes because of his past coming back to haunt him, rage, innocence and love.

Yuki changes because of conflict, friendship and brotherhood.

Blue changes because of isolation, deprevation and rage.

Kouji (as the main character) changes the most. From almost all of those listed above. Pressure, attatchments, love, trauma, past, conflict, friendship, brotherhood, isolation and rage.

Even Neeya (the weird chick who shows up randomly and is connected to the ship in some odd way -- she is explained later, rest asured) has a personality, and changes with the children. Odd, considering her character archtype.

Another thing about this that is odd, despite the multiple conflicts outside the ship, and the people who persue them, there is no real bad guy. In fact, one of the main characters becomes the closest thing to a real antagonist near the very end.

... I need to get amurderofcrows the last 2 CDs.

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