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I wrote this up during math class...

As of the newest chapter, Kyou continues to pull into the led, and, now, he too has a "childhood" connection to Tohru. I'm not sure if I like the push and pull of Fruits Basket anymore. I wish it were more easily defined on "Who will win." Second, I now believe I was wrong. Kyou is broken.

Events that happened in the last chapter (in very short form):

Kyou realized he loves Tohru.
Akito realizes Kyou loves Tohru.
Kyou verbally denies it and declares that he will never fall in love.
Yuki meets Akito, who tells him that Kyou claimed that he disliked Tohru. Yuki thinks to himself that Kyou would never do that.
Kyou meets Kazuma and has a major breakdown.
Kyou has flashbacks of his mother.
Kyou has a flashback of TOHRU's mother. She hands him a photograph of "her most precious thing." It is Tohru. He responds that she is beautiful.
Kyou meets Tohru, cuteness insues.
Kyou declares, silently, that for Tohru's sake, he will lock away the love he feels. He only has a year and a half of freedom left anyway.

Now me, I realize that Kyou has the best chance (I did a while ago). I still cheer for Yuki, but I will be satisfied as long as it ends with him happy, and hopefully on better terms with Kyou, and still friends with Tohru. I'm used to cheering for the underdog, so this is nothing new. But never before was it so difficult to know WHO the underdog really was... Sigh.


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