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Grrrr Grrrr Grrrr

Thunder Child is rather unhappy. Had a day of grr-ness.

1) Found out my webpage is gone. Nbci stopped it's member webpage service.

2) Found out my trusty FTP site took down /ALL/ of the DNA^2 files, when I only needed 11-15 to have the complete series, and had already watched 1-10 the day before and was really wanting to see more. Oh, I can still download the files on another FTP site, but damnit. >.< That one had the best file-sizes for quality without taking a shit load time to download (the ones on the other ftp site are all 200MB which takes way too long for me to download comfortably.)

3) Still no Majin. ;_; I miss you guys so much.

Sigh. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

One shining point of the day was discovering the song I have on repeat.

Me like it. It's Neelkan's new theme.

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