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You know, I woke up this morning and was GOING to level up my Amazon until she was level 27 so I could fight Mephisto in the end of Act III. The reason is because I hear lightning resist is a good idea, and I have this kick ass armor just waiting to be put on, only problem, I needed 2 more Strength points, hint the attempt to raise level so I could raise my stats. Well, I got the level, after /2 hours/ of killing things. I punched the points into my Strength... and right before I got to the required strength amount, it seemingly reset to 60! Now I don't even have enough strength to wear my Helmet! >_< Why did it reset? Does it hate me. ;.; Maybe a more experienced Diablo II player can explain. ;.;

Grrr. Now gonna quickly study the reading I'm gonna have a pop quiz over in COM before class. *cry*

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