TC (thunderchild) wrote,

This is gonna sound weird, but there's this girl who sits next to me in Math class that has an eerie similarity to amiboshi. She very nearly has the same voice as you! I heard it, about jumped out of my seat and looked over. It was SO WEIRD. @__@ But then again, it has been since May that I've heard your voice, so it could just be a vague similarity. ^^

Anyway, I'm in the English lab. I'll likely use this during my free hour every Monday and Friday just to do strange updates like this.

I woke up really early this morning (despite having gone to bed later than I'd wanted thanks to actual RP! -- yes, I know, gasp! I RPed. The world is ending). I woke up early to play Diablo II. Early seems to be the only time I can play without worry that I may bother someone or miss something or not do my homework. ^^ I'm in the beginning of Act III with my Amazon, currently collecting body parts. Yuck. I started other games, one with each character class. Each of them are finished with the second quest (killing Blood Raven), except Barbarian, since I didn't make him yet, and Druid who is already on the fourth quest. Druid is my favorite 'other' class besides Amazon, and Paladin comes in second, with Sorceress and Assassin taking third. Necromancer was fun, but not as fun as Druid.

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