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Rainy update

Boy is it raining. Am I glad I brought am umbrella or what? When we left the house this morning, it was sunny and didn't seem too bad, but there was the smell of water in the air, so I listened to Judy's advice yesterday and grabbed my umbrella. Within ten minutes of arrival at school, the downpour began. I was already inside, so there was no real problem for me, but I saw many a student come in completely soaked or whine as they looked out the door and saw the rain hitting the pavement like someone just dropped a huge bucket.

Anyway, I woke up as I suspected last night, when mom called (though I almost slept thru it, the answering machine had already started to pick up). I stayed up for a hour or so, doing some quick skimming around, and found some neat Fruits Basket stuff.

The most interesting of which, I already knew half of. Kyou has a bet with Akito that he can defeat Yuki. I think Yuki knows about the bet, if not what will happen to Kyou if he fails. I didn't know until last night. If Kyou wins, he will be recognized as a member of the zodiac animals, by Akito. If Kyou fails, he will spend the rest of his life locked in a cage. Ouch. o.o Now comes the big question. If Yuki loses to Akito, does that mean he'll get the failure? I don't want Kyou to lose, because I really don't want him to be hurt like that (this coming from a HUGE Yuki fan), but I don't want Yuki to have that happen to him either. Especially not after Rin (the Horse, newly introduced chick) called Yuki 'Akito's Toy'.

Also, there's this one part where Yuki is being really smooth with Tohru. He told her that he needed to tell her something, but it could wait for later. He even kissed her on her forehead and whispered in her ear. She spent the next few panels thinking about him, but at the same time she though "There's this voice, it's so small I can't hear it. The voice of truth." and as she thinks this, there's a panel showing Kyou, who's standing off to the side with his back to Tohru and Yuki.

This makes me think that Kyou will win Tohru's heart and that will be his defeat of Yuki. Though I have fanfic ideas about what would happen afterwards. It makes sense and seems to be what the manga is turning towards. Yuki is Hotohori. He's smooth, he knows what to say, he's very loving, but in the end, his plotline doesn't NEED to win as much as Kyou does. Tohru spent all her life wanting to be 'Year of the Cat'. She always wants Kyou to be accepted. It makes more sense that Kyou would 'win in the end'. Though I personally will always feel Yuki should win, even if I think Kyou is more logical (I'm a Yuki fan, so sue me). Whoever wins though, I can see some huge shit about to hit the fan in the manga. Especially if Akito (as I think he will -- he's that kinda guy) will punish the 'loser' and the 'winner' both, extensively. And likely Tohru as well.

Kagura is the most likely alternative for either of the two, whoever wins. She obviously loves Kyou, but I think she has feelings for Yuki as well, if not to the extent she has with Kyou. Haru is kinda ruled out, since we now know that he's in love with Rin (who dumped him and is stalking Shigure) and his love for Yuki is more of admiration than attraction.

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