TC (thunderchild) wrote,


Just a quick post to let you know that we arrived in Williamsburg safe and sound. It was a long long road trip, but we made stops and spread it out between two days, so that was okay. I really liked some of the places we saw along the way, especially Charleston, West Virginia. I really liked that place. It looked really cool. ^^; I know it sounds stupid, but I love the "mountains" here. I know most people out West don't consider them mountains, but they make the Ozark Mountains we have in south-west Missouri look like the Great Plains. Besides, I like how they looked, all covered in trees and not much visible rock. Pretty, pretty.

I brought my Hikaru no Go DVDs along, and we have an offical new fan. Despite my sisters urging not to watch anime that is not complete, she agreed to watch Hikago, and would not stop til we'd watch all the episodes I brought along (1-13). No doubt when we get home on Sunday of next week, we will be watching episodes 14-38 (if they haven't subbed more since I left).

Anyway, I gotta jet. I don't wanna tie up my sister's line too much more. She might give me those looks, you know. ^^ She's getting cable internet hooked up on Wednesday, so I'll likely post again then. ^^ Ja ne!

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