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Pre Mexico Post

4 days til I'm going to be in Mexico. 3 days before I leave my town for the trip. The plane will be taking off from St. Louis.

And how do I feel about it all? Mostly... not much. o_o; Right now I'm wearing contacts for the first time in like... two years. It's weird, and my eyes need to adjust to the fact that I got something in my eyes. x.x Going shopping tonight with my mom to pick up some stuff for the trip. Right now top on my list is a CD Player (I can't go too long without some kind of musical entertainment), headphones, shaving gel and eye drops. The last was just added because these damn contacts are driving me nuts. I remember way back when I first got them, eye drops were like heaven.

Anyway... that's my post.

For those who don't know, I'm going to Mexico. (Duh.) I'll be staying in a resort hotel on the Mayan Sun Coast. A stone's thrown from a Mayan Temple, and right across from Cozumel. Cancun is a few miles to the north. It should be fun. I'll scan pictures.

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