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Whew: AMV update

I finished the final edits and banner adding of my newest AMVs and then transfered all my AMVs to DiVX 5.0 to see if I could get the file size down. I managed to suceed to an extent, so if I manage to get a webhost sometime in the future, I will be able to keep the total disk space take up under 500 easy, even when I make a few more AMVs. (Right now 12 of my AMVs will take up 382MBs -- so when I make more, I will have to start to rotate or take down unpopular ones).

I made some slight adjustments to the Pretear vid. Some more adjustments were made to the Gate Keepers and Scryed vids. The adjustments on all three are likely complete, as I am no longer getting any major twitches when I watch them.

Prolly gonna start working on a webpage design for my videos, even if I won't be able to post the actual files for a while.

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