TC (thunderchild) wrote,

Home Alone.

Yay. ^_^ I have the house all to myself. Going to resort my anime (having just finished getting every episode of 5 series'), possibily finish the Kenshin Manga (I stopped once I finished Volume 24 last night) and maybe start on some of the others that I haven't even unzipped except to check and make sure they were the real deal. Oh, and then there's always Blitzball. I have an amazing team put together and I'd like for Wakka to have World Champion fully charged. He's starting to get jealous that Auron, Yuna and Rikku all have their weapons, and he don't (I gave up trying for Tidus', Kimihari's and Lulu's already). And my sister wants me to get her a team together. Already got to work on hers. And that isn't even mentioning the thousands of anime series I could watch during this time...

Too bad it's only a little over 24 hours.

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