TC (thunderchild) wrote,


The last words out of amurderofcrows before she poofed last night were "Get to work on your Kohaku app!" So I decided to do a little net research to see if the kid gets any new subplots later on and *droool* was I happy to see what I saw.

He has a cutness guy/girl thing with RIN! The cute little girl hanging around Seishoumaru-sama!

Here's a pic.

*.* Kawaii! He's not good as far as the manga has gotten yet, but Rin's attatchment to him gives him his best chance of getting healed and saved. (Seishoumaru even seems to be aware of her attatchment.)

(Just incase you curious how I found all this, found text translations of every Inuyasha release up to the most recent from May 22nd.

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